Training & Workshops

Teach your team contemporary sales and marketing techniques they can use immediately. All of my workshops are created with practical, hands-on outcomes in mind. From building a more efficient lead generation campaign, to crafting more convincing sales pitches, through to how to select more reliable agency partners.

Four Powerful Workshops

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    How to Manage Lead Generation

  • services-group-training-img-3

    How to Choose a Digital Agency

  • services-group-training-img-4

    How to Create Sales Content

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    How to Build a Sales Strategy

What You'll Learn

  • Crafting a powerful, differentiated marketing message is essential - without it, you'll lose opportunities. I teach how you to create a crystal clear sales narrative that gets people's attention and converts more customers.

  • If you want to keep your pipeline filled with quality leads, you need a thorough daily lead gen process that works. I teach you how to combine the best of old school prospecting techniques with efficient digital strategies.

  • Finding reliable agency partners can be tough, especially in the digital marketing space. I teach you how to select agencies for both cultural and budget fit, and how to conduct a capability assessment to reduce your risk.

  • A strategy is much more than a plan. I teach how how to research opportunities and create a true sales strategy that's anchored in logic, focused on your objectives and connected to real day-to-day sales behaviours.


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