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Lead generation used to be about making more cold calls and buying more ads. Today it’s harder—you need to strategically integrate your online marketing funnel with your human sales operation. I’m here to help you plan it out, source the talent and execute the work.

I Help You Get Better Leads. Faster.

When your sales funnel is patchy and your lead generation isn’t working, don’t go and recruit more telemarketers in-house or wait for social and SEM to kick in—send the work to me instead.

For some of my clients I recommend engaging a full service telemarketing partner, but for others it’s more a matter of beefing up your tactical inbound campaigns and boosting your personalised email outreach.

I work with a number of highly productive and reliable consultants and freelancers who combine the best of old-school sales prospecting, online outreach and tight campaign management to get you quick results with prospects that are genuinely qualified. And I help you analyse potential outcomes before you spend any money on execution.

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Setup and Planning

As well as collaborating on the initial lead generation strategy and campaign plan, I work with you to make sure our work fits with your existing sales pipeline and CRM.

Your project is then executed with specific lead qualification criteria, sales objectives, agreed deadlines and crystal clear KPIs.

The Front Line Work


We also polish up your sales collateral and digital assets. From there, we do the list building, segmentation, cold calling and lead qualification according to your criteria.

Then we deliver a good volume of quality warm leads for you to negotiate with, close or add to your automated lead nurture sequence.

The Elements of Your Lead Gen Project

Your lead generation project will include most of the elements below. We spend the first part of our work together putting together a logical lead generation plan before we go ahead and execute the work. Sometimes it involves your team members and new suppliers, and sometimes I just take care of the whole thing for you.

Six Lead Generation Problems I Help You Solve


How will you source good quality lists and a higher volume of leads?


Can your website realistically generate enough leads or do you need more?


What technology and automation can you use to streamline the process?


What will your outreach process look like and how will you optimise it?


How will you get more value out of existing collateral and content?


How will you define your lead scoring and lead qualification criteria?


RevenueBuilder’s lead generation strategies have far exceeded our expectations in a very tough market. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anyone looking to grow a business.

Darren Chamberlin, CEO, Perenso

What You Get From Your Lead Gen Project

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To date I have experienced a 250% return on my investment with RevenueBuilder. I’ve found it very hard to recruit, train and maintain a good sales team. RevenueBuilder solved that problem by delivering a truly outsourced new business development team with a strategic and coherent approach.

Salvador Klein, Founder, Global Rev Gen
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