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Sales tech, automation and AI are in the ascendency: Faster deal velocity, more visible buyer behaviour, workflow optimisation, better lead scoring and the removal of low value activities from your to-do list.

The Reality of Automation and Sales Technology

Sales tech vendors say that to remain competitive, you need to spend big on data, upgrade to more features in your CRM, automate everything from outbound dials to your LinkedIn outreach. And while there’s no doubt that getting your tech stack right can have a big impact, it can quickly get complicated and become a mess. We help you make incremental changes to your systems so you get a result without blowing your budget and overwhelming your team.


Is automation your holy grail?

Every dollar you spend on sales automation must produce a visible ROI, but first you need to get precise about what results you want to see. Streamline your human sales process for efficiency gains? Integrate with inbound marketing for faster conversions? Validate clean contact data more quickly?

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Identify goals of digital strategy

Beware of platform overkill.

In sales today, you have a choice of hundreds of sales reporting and intelligence tools. You’ve also got social selling platforms, sales funnel automation and CRM-on-steroids. We help you find your way through the maze of options to select the systems that actually give you a measurable sales advantage.

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Inputs into Your CRM and Automation Strategy

The most productive automation strategy for your business will depend on how much tech you’ve already got set up, the nature and urgency of your goals, and what level of implementation skill you have in your business. Most of our CRM and automation strategy work covers one or many of the following disciplines.

Six Sales Automation Problems We Solve

What new growth can automation bring to your sales organisation?

How can you optimise your human sales workflow with new tools?

How can you test and optimise conversion points through your pipeline?

What's the best way to set up and automate your outbound sales comms?

How can you acquire deeper insight into leads, prospects and customers?

How can you use AI to better predict and respond to customers' needs?

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Brad is extremely knowledgeable about the realities of the online commercial environment. During our project he guided us on how to assess different technologies and platforms, including mobile and inflight media. Brad's work resulted in our creating a sound and workable commercial strategy.

Vince Kerr, Commercial Director, British Airways

How We Optimise Your Existing Tech Stack

There are hundreds of automation platforms, AI tools and CRM features that can help you take your business to the next level, but the reality is that you really only need to use a few of them. When we work together, I help you cancel out all of the distracting fluff that tech vendors want to throw at you, and we create a sensible plan that will involve just a handful of the most powerful options.

To make sure that you only spend your hard-earned budget on a tech stack that works, we’ll review your existing subscriptions and map out a way to optimise it further. Our first recommendation is usually to limit the number of tools and start thinking very clearly about how your overall business goals may or may not be improved with technology – because there’s no silver bullet.

What You Get From Our Work Together

The big reason we engaged RevenueBuilder was the strategy component, they know the technology, they know the software and they just get it. We've dealt with a lot of companies in the past who simply don't go deep. The RevenueBuilder method of going through the 'let's work out the strategy first' was the thing that made it work. It's the thing that makes them stand out from everybody else.

Darren Chamberlin, CEO, Perenso
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