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Sometimes you need to move fast and deploy a talented team of sales professionals who can deliver results without a long onboarding process. We get it done for you.

Use our sales team instead of hiring your own

Sometimes it’s just not the right commercial decision to increase your head count, and you know how difficult it can be to find reliable, high performing, affordable salespeople, not to mention the time it takes to recruit and onboard the good ones. We use our extensive professional network to hire sales talent who prefer project-based work.


Your low cost sales hiring option.

We have a range of sales professionals from junior SDRs to mid-level BDMs and senior deal makers. Because our sales team hiring model is performance-based and often freelance, we keep costs down for you — no payroll, no holiday pay, no sick pay. Just pure sales results.

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RevenueBuilder sales strategy development
Step by step sales development and advancement

Avoid the time-lag of onboarding.

One of the most frustrating parts of managing new sales hires is how long they take to get to grips with your business and start delivering results. Our intensive coaching kick-offs and proven playbook mean our sales reps start selling your product within a few weeks instead of months.

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Our Sales Professional Network Is Highly Skilled

Depending on what you sell and how much industry expertise you require, we’ll bring the right level of talent to your business. Below are the specialised skills our network brings to your project.

The 4 Things You Get From Our Work Together

Typically I've found it very hard to recruit and train - and to retain - an effective sales team. So RevenueBuilder solves that problem for me by delivering me a truly outsourced new business team that provide a really coherent, strategic approach to new business development from companies that you're not in contact with yet. What's really impressive is their accountability and the responsibility that they take, plus the fact that they actually deliver and it's done professionally.

Salvador Klein, Founder, Global Rev Gen
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