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I work with you to create a high impact sales process, a competitive positioning plan and a pipeline methodology to fast track and win more deals. 

Sales Success in Record Time

If you’re trying to find a way to consistently beat sales targets and expedite deals in your funnel, then a sales acceleration strategy is for you. The strategy I build for you is created specifically for your business, mapping out precisely how your sales operation should be optimised so you and your people can get on with the job of quickly winning opportunities, instead of wasting time on low value activity.


Amplify your unique sales advantage.

Every business has unique strengths they can capitalise on to speed up growth. I help you identify the most powerful way to amplify those strengths, uncover more high-yield opportunities, and position you ahead of your competition.

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RevenueBuilder sales strategy development
Step by step sales development and advancement

Your sales process foundations.

I help you establish a step-by-step sales process and visual workflow that lets you get on with the job of winning deals, rather than wasting time on low-value activities. Think of it as the backbone of your day-to-day sales operation.

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The Primary Forms of Sales Strategy

The best strategy for your business may be singular or varied, depending on the complexity of your challenge, the urgency of your need and what resources you’ll be relying on to make it happen.

Six Sales Problems I Help You Solve

Too few qualified prospects coming into the sales funnel.

Need to speed up the sales cycle and close sooner.

Not enough high volume prospecting activity.

Difficulty creating a truly memorable sales pitch.

No articulated sales process for the team to follow.

Customers are negotiating harder than ever before.

Brad is the consummate professional. Vastly experienced, innovative, analytical and all importantly — the guy that can be relied on to deliver the results come month-end. Brad's breadth of understanding and his mastery of numerous sales methodologies make him an invaluable asset.

Dan Metcalf, Industry Manager of Business Services, Google

Capturing Your Competitive Edge

Together, we identify your sales challenges and opportunities and I then do a ‘deep dive’ discovery that gets us started on producing the goods. We work together on this part.

Based on years of experience diagnosing and fixing sales problems, I then get stuck into researching your current position, factors influencing your success, a summary of best-practice in your category, and a plan to capitalize on opportunities for the future. I also conduct a review of your internal sales operation and assets to see how you can put them to better use.

Once I have gathered all the relevant information I start producing your sales growth strategy document, your methodology and your customized sales process map. From there I write your implementation plan.

You then receive a robust strategy and a follow-up briefing on how to implement the changes recommended. The strategy comes in a practical document, similar in format to a refreshed business plan with steps and timelines. Your strategy then becomes the backbone of your sales operation.

The 4 Things You Get From Our Work Together

Sales workshops and training for business growth

We’re glad we got Brad in to fix what was broken—he has been instrumental in creating our first ever successful sales growth strategy. His expertise in building a high performing sales operation is second to none. If you’re looking to get a big increase in your revenue and you want a reliable partner who knows the difference between tactics and strategy, then you would be crazy not to engage Brad.

Andy Levine, VP of Enterprise Sales, Corporate Travel Group
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