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Building a streamlined sales operation can be tough. I help you plan which assets, talent and systems you need to develop, making sure you only spend time and money on tactics that deliver a proven return.

The Reality of Sales Enablement

The sales enablement industry says you need to spend big on technology to stay competitive. I question this. There’s no doubt that sales tech can nurture prospects and accelerate your sales cycle, but it can quickly get complicated. I help you make small incremental changes that deliver a result without spending a fortune.


It all starts with your sales team.

Sales productivity always comes back to people and how you support them with tools and knowledge. I help you optimise the human element, and figure out how much it will cost to support and incentivise them, matched to the result you need them to produce.

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Sales enablement and technology.

In sales today, you have a choice of hundreds of sales reporting and intelligence tools. You’ve also got social selling platforms, content automation and CRM-on-steroids. I help you find your way through the maze of options to select the systems that actually give you a measurable sales advantage.

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The Main Elements of Your Strategy

The best sales operations strategy for your business may include many different elements or it may be quite singular in its focus—it depends on whether you need to leverage new technology, establish a sales process or redeploy your sales resources.

Six Sales Operations Problems I Help You Solve

You're having trouble figuring out which new sales tech to buy or how to buy it

You can't quite nail the right sales process for your team

You need better analysis and reporting of sales activity and deal velocity

You're struggling to produce and use high impact sales content

You need to design a more effective sales incentive and compensation plan

You're having difficulty deciding whether or not to use outside suppliers

Sales messaging direction

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