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Our rapid sales campaigns are just the medicine when you need a super fast injection of new deals into your pipeline or a quick revenue spike. We work hard and fast, nurturing and advancing live opportunities for you so they’re ready to go.

Intensive Execution. Short Duration. Big Impact.

Your objective might be to generate a certain volume of hot leads, achieve a certain level of territory coverage, renew previous customers, or kick-start a new product launch in a cold market. Whatever your goal, we get working immediately and we deliver results fast—all campaigns are time-bound with deadlines, targets, milestones and reviews, with a neat and tidy handover of conversions throughout.


A focus on high volume prospecting.

Most of our rapid sales campaigns are centred around high volume prospecting. Over the last eight years we have tested and optimised our outbound sales workflow, so we know how many emails, dials, and connections are needed for a given number of lead stage conversions and deals.

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The critical handover process from us to you.

Once your campaign is underway, we have a formal and well-tested handover process. Prospects and customers experience a seamless transition from our team to yours, and for every new conversion we give you a handover report with background on the deal, and a detailed customer profile.

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Six Problems We Solve For You

Get a quick, massive boost to pipeline and revenue when your numbers are down.

Guarantee success of new initiatives, sign-ups and product launches.

Dial up or down your volume of leads and opportunities according to need.

Avoid the cost and headache of hiring more internal salespeople.

Rely on our team of experts with a tested and proven approach.

Take the pressure of your internal team and focus on bigger deals.

Sales messaging direction

First We Plan. Then We Execute.

Brad and the RevenueBuilder guys did an excellent job with our sales campaigns, great results and smart strategy figuring out the right balance between lead generation and outbound. Brad himself mapped our sales funnel and they worked with our partners to create content for each campaign.

Micheal Center, Executive VP Sales & Marketing, Data Connect
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