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Lead generation used to be about making more cold calls and publishing more content. Today it’s harder—you need to have a differentiated strategy to stay on top, while integrating traditional channels with digital sales funnels.

We Help You Get Better Leads. Faster.

When your sales pipeline is patchy and you need a more reliable way of attracting new customers, don’t use guesswork or spend more money on reactive campaigns—talk to us about executing a strategic lead generation program instead. We help you take a step back and define which marketing assets need improvement, while creating automated communications and a proactive outbound sales process.


The challenge of too many options.

It can be difficult to figure out which lead generation strategies to use. Since 2013, we have repeatedly tested and learned that focusing on just a few well-proven tactics always produces a great result. That’s why we focus on limited campaigns on B2B social platforms, combined with high impact email outreach, and actually picking up the phone to have conversations with the right people.

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Variety of lead generation inputs
Generating warm leads with strategy

Attract people who are ready to buy.

We help you get clear about your lead qualification criteria so you only spend time and budget acquiring the right kind of customers. Once that’s done we help you make improvements to your sales and digital assets so you get more warm leads opting in and making their way into your sales funnel.

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Elements of Your Lead Generation Strategy

Your lead generation program will include most of the elements below. We spend the first part of our work together putting together a logical outline before we go ahead and execute the work. Sometimes it involves your team members, and sometimes we just take care of the whole thing for you.

Six Lead Generation Problems We Solve For You

How to generate website leads

Big boost to quality and volume of leads.

How to setup social channels

Set up inbound channels to capture more opt-ins.

Use of technology & automation

Make a high volume of prospecting calls.

How to use mailing list to generate leads

Leverage your existing list to convert warm leads.

How to use content into powerful leads

Turn existing content into powerful lead magnets.

How to define sales lead profile

Attain full coverage of your sales territories quickly.

Lead generation direction

What You Get From Your Lead Gen Project

Lead generation template and strategy

Brad’s lead generation strategies have far exceeded our expectations in a very tough market. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anyone looking to grow a business.

Darren Chamberlin, CEO, Perenso
  • UNSW - University of New South Wales
  • Microsoft
  • British Airways
  • Presenso
  • Yahoo
  • Fairfax Media

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