About Us

What Makes Us Different?

If you’ve worked with sales consultants before, you’ve seen how easy it can be to waste money on theoretical plans, low quality outcomes and impractical recommendations. With RevenueBuilder it’s different.

All of our work is about getting you a sales result. We collaborate to define exactly where your fastest growth opportunities will come from and what sales and lead generation initiatives will be most productive for your business. Then we get on with the real work of creating a sales pitch that gets attention, optimising your sales process, automating your outreach and creating the inbound and outbound campaigns that deliver customers into your funnel.

It’s disciplined, specialised, down-to-earth work and we love collaborating with our clients to make a big impact quickly.

Who We Work With

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of ambitious businesses who are poised for big growth, and who want to get their sales and marketing setup fully optimised. Most of our work tends to be directly with senior executives, founders, and sales and marketing leadership who want to grow fast, convert more customers and get more marketshare.

  • Ambitious Small to Medium Businesses

    Companies this size usually need help improving their territory coverage, generating more leads and closing deals much more quickly without over-spending on staff.

  • Medium Sized Companies
    Fast Growth Large Enterprises

    Bigger firms usually need to achieve more territory coverage, boost sales  effectiveness, fix a broken sales process, increase deal value and velocity, and outpace their competition.

  • Startups With Big Growth Goals

    Startups usually need to fill their sales funnel quickly, establish credibility and robust pitch, and ensure their marketing efforts yield conversions and measurable sales results.

2 Weeks of Strategy. Then We Start Selling.

Before we kick off our sales projects, we begin with discovery and opportunity planning. The strategy work takes two weeks and then we submit our plan to you for review, then we get on with implementation and executing the work.


The RevenueBuilder Team

Founded by Brad Monaghan in 2013, RevenueBuilder is now one of Australia’s leading sales, automation and lead generation agencies. Our core team is experienced, mature and customer focused. We have an additional team of technology, marketing and communications consultants who work with us on a project basis, as well as a number of rapid talent sourcing partners.



Tools and Methodologies We Use

Depending on your project, we will use a combination of tools, from prospecting technology, through to CRM and marketing automation, to content management and lead generation platforms.

  • Email and Marketing Automation
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  • Lead Generation and Prospecting Tools
  • Sales Automation and CRM
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  • Sales Enablement Tools
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  • Advertising and Social Campaigns

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