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I’m Brad Monaghan. Your revenue growth strategistand sales and marketing coach.

I’ve helped hundreds of ambitious companies fast track their revenue growth with high impact sales strategies. My clients include software vendors like Perenso, drone manufacturers like Carbonix, renewable energy brands like AC Solar Warehouse, tech innovators like Yordar, and agencies like Digital Fuel. I’ve also advised global brands like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google-backed startups like Yieldify.

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If you want serious revenue growth, we need to talk.

First we get strategic, second we plan, then we execute.
It’s practical, down-to-earth work and it’s all about results.

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2000+ LEADS

Built sales funnel from zero to over 2000 leads in 3 months for SaaS vendor Perenso.


Delivered 250% campaign ROI within one month for media agency Global Rev Gen.


Built new sales operation with tenfold pipeline boost for drones startup Carbonix.


Simplify and get more conversions online.

Too many businesses get seduced by the seemingly vast array of possibilities online, forgetting that ultimately the web can be a great sales tool. I help you clarify what’s most important and focus your efforts on affordable, proven strategies.

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Digital Marketing Strategy
Accelerated Sales Strategy

How to build real sales growth.

Setting yourself up for sales success means you have to dedicate time to strategic operations while also remaining active on the front line. I help you map out a logical sales process at the same time as fast tracking live deals.

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Why a differentiated sales narrative is so important.

If you’re going to stand out ahead of your competitors and attract the customers you really want, then you need to create a big impact with what you say, what you publish and how you articulate what’s special about you.

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Small business owner sales strategy planning
Lead generation sales funnel people

How to attract the right leads.

Getting enough warm leads used to be easy, but today it’s hyper-competitive and increasingly complex. It starts out as a marketing problem but quickly becomes a sales problem. I help you build a strategy that takes care of the entire process once and for all.

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Why Some Companies Don’t Grow

  • They lack a customised sales process and playbook:

    So they’re tactical and reactive.

  • They don’t realise their pitch is undifferentiated:

    So prospects aren’t listening.

  • They don’t have a results-driven digital strategy:

    So there’s not enough new leads.

Client Feedback and Results

British Airways Brad Monaghan Testimonial

Brad is extremely knowledgeable about the realities of the online commercial environment. During our project he guided us on how to assess different technologies and platforms, including mobile and inflight media. Brad’s work resulted in our creating a sound and workable commercial strategy.

Vince Kerr / Commercial Director / British Airways

Dan Metcalf - Brad Monaghan Testimonial

Brad is the consummate professional. Vastly experienced, innovative, analytical and all importantly— the guy that can be relied on to deliver the results. Brad's breadth of understanding and his mastery of numerous sales methodologies make him an invaluable asset.

Dan Metcalf / Industry Manager of Business Services / Google

Yordar Revenuebuilder Sales & Growth Testimonial

Brad and the RevenueBuilder team have driven our sales operations to a new level. Their hands-on projects continue to give us the revenue injection we need. All of the strategic work and sales methodology Brad created has been invaluable to our recent growth and we use it every day.

Steven Arthur / Director of Strategy / Yordar

I Also Work With Business Associations

Workshops, membership strategies and speaking engagements.

  • Evocities
  • NSW Trade & Investment
  • America's SBDC
  • Bec Business Centre

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