We partner with ambitious B2B companies to sell their services, products and platforms.

Strategic sales programs and new business development.

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We are RevenueBuilder. Your partner in sales strategy and business development.

Most of our clients are ambitious B2B brands who want to attract more high value clients and accelerate their sales cycle. Our clients include SaaS vendors like Perenso and Conserve, robotics manufacturers like Carbonix, mining manufacturers like Beaver Process, media agencies like Global Rev Gen, and platform innovators like Yordar and Neighbourlytics. We also advise global brands like Microsoft, BA, Yahoo, and Google-backed startups like Yieldify.

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Client Feedback and Results

Yordar Revenuebuilder Sales & Growth Testimonial

Brad and the RevenueBuilder team have driven our sales operations to a new level. Their hands-on projects continue to give us the revenue injection we need. All of the strategic work and sales methodology Brad created has been invaluable to our recent growth and we use it every day.

Steven Arthur / Director of Strategy / Yordar

Dan Metcalf - Brad Monaghan Testimonial

Brad is the consummate professional. Vastly experienced, innovative, analytical and all importantly— the guy that can be relied on to deliver the results. Brad's breadth of understanding and his mastery of numerous sales methodologies make him an invaluable asset.

Dan Metcalf / Industry Manager of Business Services / Google

We've got more leads in the pipeline now than we have users of the software, so if we can close half those deals we've made a huge difference to the bottom line. The RevenueBuilder guys have taken that worry away from me. When I get the deal now it's a happy, signed, ready to go customer.

Darren Chamberlin / CEO / Perenso

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If you want more clients more quickly, we should talk.

You tell us how many leads, prospects or clients you want to convert.
Together we create the right strategy and campaign plan.
Then we set up the systems and campaigns to deliver the result you need.

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Built sales funnel from zero to over 2000 leads in 3 months for SaaS vendor Perenso.


Delivered 250% campaign ROI within one month for media agency Global Rev Gen.


Set up rapid sales process for a tenfold pipeline boost for drones startup Carbonix.


Start attracting the right kind of leads.

We set up both your online and offline lead generation channels so you get a stack of good opportunities delivered weekly. You define your budget, we create the strategy, and when you okay it, we press go.

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Fast track your entire sales cycle.

To get rapid sales growth today, you need to have a clearly articulated plan for how you’ll fill your pipeline fast and how you’ll advance those deals to a swift close. We help you define an action-oriented sales process where your team knows exactly what to do for more quick wins.

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We set up an automated sales process for you.

If you’re not already using AI and sales tech, then you’re losing opportunities and probably spending too much on manual tasks. We help you get set up and running smoothly with one single platform that takes care of contact data validation, prospecting, social outreach and lead nurturing.

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Convince and convert with a better pitch.

Engaging cold prospects by email and on the phone can be tough, especially when you’re first trying establish credibility. We help you deliver a powerful pitch and steer conversations in the right direction.

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