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Your marketing strategy forms the bedrock of your awareness and demand generation success. I help ensure that your budget is deployed efficiently with results in mind.

Creating Your Competitive Advantage

If you need a more reliable way to capture the attention of your target market and fill your sales funnel with qualified leads, a practical marketing strategy is the place to start.

Most businesses have some sort of plan that determines which channels are used and where budget is allocated, but few are satisfied with the number of new customers that activity ultimately delivers.

This is usually because there’s too little focus on testing, not enough time to research best practice, and too many options that all look promising. Working with me is about getting this part right before you leap.


Planning for Lead Generation


Your marketing plan can have any number of goals, but chief among them should be a very specific rationale on how you’re going to generate more incoming leads into your business.   

The top of your company’s sales funnel needs to be replenished cost efficiently, and you need to intelligently map how you’re going to capture those leads in abundance, then nurture them through the funnel into a sales conversion. I help you plan this process so it’s water-tight and well-reasoned.

The Social Media Puzzle


Social media and content marketing seem full of potential, but you need to turn likes into buys. Do you know which social activity leads to profit? Is your social content well authored and analysed for results? Are you pumping out updates without a real strategy or supporting conversion path?

I help you create substantially differentiated content and messaging that puts you ahead of your competition in real terms, not just in the number of followers or likes you can boast.

The Main Elements of Your Strategy

The best marketing plan for your business may include many different elements or it may be quite singular in its focus—it depends on where you’re at in your development, whether your primary need is demand or lead generation, or creating more awareness for a specific product.

Six Marketing Problems I Help You Solve


Mapping your company goals to marketing activities


Integrating your online and offline tactics


Creating your competitive advantage strategy


Creating your digital platforms and content plan


Researching and testing your customer segments


Defining your lead capture and conversion strategy


The results from Brad’s marketing strategy work have been really great. Thorough and practical. If you want a marketing strategy that produces a positive sales outcome, you need to talk to Brad.

Tim Morrison, Director, AgWork

Get a Strategy — Not Just a Plan

Plenty of marketing people will tell you about their fantastic marketing plans, but not many genuinely know the difference between a plan and a deep, productive strategy.

Plans are easy and they tell you a bit about what’s going to happen and when. But strategies are a much bigger deal. Done correctly, a strategy is a well researched and expertly articulated map to creating a competitive edge. In its purest form, strategy is about winning, and to win, you need to figure out precisely what the playing field is and what obstacles, opportunities and tactics you’ll need to play with.

As my client, you receive best practice strategic guidance that is all about winning. While I do produce a plan within your strategy, the real gold comes from the insight and intelligence we uncover as we map your route to beating your competition.

To figure all of this out for you, we spend time together doing a ‘deep dive’ discovery and diagnosis, before I get to work in researching your best plan of attack. From there, I come up with the goods that you and your team then execute internally to make it all happen. You’re in safe hands from start to finish.

The 4 Things You Get From Our Work Together


Brad and his team created our online assets, content, collateral and direction for the new Perenso website, as well as several eDM campaigns we have run in the US and Australia. It has a been a pleasure to work with Brad and his team—their expertise and professionalism are exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending RevenueBuilder.

Wayne Goodrich, Sales & Marketing Director, Perenso
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