Sales Dialogue & Messaging

Sales Dialogue & Messaging

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Stimulate customers with great dialogue
and strong differentiation


  • Coaching and training on sales dialogue and techniques.
  • Sales scripts, conversation frameworks and dialogue guides.
  • New skill sets, scenario role plays and group discovery sessions.


  • Easily lead prospects to a ‘yes’ within the first call.
  • Achieve strong differentiation and know how to articulate value.
  • Happily steer difficult conversations in the right direction.

Talking to prospects can be tough, especially at crucial times such as when handling objections or negotiating with a new customer. Salespeople need a ready-made set of questions and answers so they can deal with any situation. They then need to back this up by really listening and exercising astute interpersonal skills. One mis-step could easily result in a lost sale.

We work with you to create conversation frameworks and give you customised guides with effective steps and ideal dialogue to support you in leading the customer to the sale. We also show you how to differentiate yourself from the competition when dealing with customers and make your solution the logical choice for solving your prospect’s problem.

Successful businesses know that until you have a clear and repeatable way of articulating your value to potential customers, you’ll be missing opportunities. By getting your pitch and sales dialogue right, you’ll prove to prospects that what you’re selling is exactly what they need.

You will learn how to easily deliver a convincing sales pitch in less than 30 seconds, and we train you on how to keep it punchy and consistent.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Differentiate from your competition
  • Reinforce your credibility and value
  • Get to the heart of the buyer’s problem without dominating
  • Amplify the customer’s need
  • Match your sales process to the prospect’s buying process
  • Sell on benefits instead of features
  • Communicate clearly and directly
  • Comfortably overcome objections
  • Identify high value prospects with the authority to buy
  • Ask questions that unlock the sale
  • Plan for every type of sales call
  • Optimise your language for best communication effect
  • Create new sales scripts in future
  • Coach your colleagues on sales dialogue and new techniques

You’ll get:

  • Natural sales conversation skills
  • A customised dossier of sales utility content and reference material
  • List of responses for overcoming objections and dialogue samples for advancing the sale towards a ‘yes’
  • Cold calling and phone sales skills
  • Closing skills that fit naturally into the dialogue and sales process
  • Sales and prospecting dialogue structure, conversation flow chart and spoken keywords
  • Written sales call introductions, statements affirming your uniqueness
  • Skills for pitching and upselling specific to your product or service
  • Sales call planner, scripts and guides, conversation prompts and questions
  • Face-to-face and video conference coaching, plus phone support

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