New Business Pitching

New Business Pitching

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We become your business development
partner for more complex sales


  • We sell your product or service from lead qualification through to the boardroom pitch.
  • We create a unique sales process and operate under your brand.
  • You get a sales growth strategy and competitive differentiation plan.


  • Capture more profitable opportunities with more sophisticated prospects.
  • Get bigger results without the cost of expensive senior staff.
  • Build more credibility and staying power in complex sales environments.

Having the internal capability to reach enough prospects can be tough and if you have big growth goals the task is that much harder. We become your long-term business development partner, doing all the hard work to extend your coverage and multiply your potential to win bigger clients, so you can avoid risk of employing expensive senior people internally.

Our team at RevenueBuilder is experienced and we are all passionate sales and business development experts and how know how to create and execute a sophisticated pitch. We work with you in true partnership, taking on full responsibility to deliver a successful result in a complex selling environment. Sometimes these engagements are full-time and long-term, while in other cases they are focused on a specific pitch over a shorter period.

Whether you sell a product or service, you’re a small business, a mid-market enterprise with big goals or a well-established multinational, we know how to sell on your behalf and we do all the due diligence, research and consulting to learn how to create the right competitive strategy for your niche.

How we sell for you:

  • Define your needs, opportunities and challenges
  • Create your competitive differentiation plan
  • Review and amplify your unique value proposition
  • Create the sales collateral, CRM and systems
  • Understand your buyer and match our sales process to them
  • Train our team on your pitch
  • Define revenue targets, volumes and metrics
  • Establish reporting lines and procedures
  • Share intel and performance reports monthly


  • Dedicated sales representative/s or shared
  • Inside sales and telesales only, or combined with outside field sales
  • New business development, or combined with ongoing account management
  • Lead generation and delivery of hot leads, or combined with ongoing management
  • Shared training days and collaboration with your internal team, or separated

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