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Brad Monaghan's sales content service

Getting your market to pay attention and engage is tougher than ever before. If you’re going to win, you need a highly differentiated pitch and sales content that’s credible and easy to consume.

Building a High Impact Sales Narrative

I help you get crystal clear about what makes you, your brand and your product special, and why your prospects should care. The result is powerful communication of your value proposition across your sales conversations, presentations, content, investor decks, and collateral.


Your full sales pitch and messaging kit.

We define how to position your offering with the most relevant language to each of your customer segments, then we create dialogue scenarios with benefits and value statements, objection handling, and questioning techniques.

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Stand out with credible content.

We optimise your existing content and create new assets that your customers find valuable and engaging. Ultimately, people will engage with content they love and ignore the rest. I then help you use it in your sales outreach and your digital channels.

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Elements of Your Messaging Strategy

The best sales content and messaging strategy for your business will depend on the strength and clarity of your existing narrative. We build a powerful and unified conversation across both your sales and marketing ecosystems.

Six Sales Messaging Problems I Solve

How to identify and amplify what genuinely differentiates your offering.

How to produce strong, attention-grabbing collateral that's not contrived.

How to create a convincing elevator pitch and unique benefits proposition.

How to express value and use questioning to build consensus and rapport.

How to produce high impact demos, presentations and investor decks.

How to build a library of content and messaging for every situation.

Sales messaging direction

The 4 Things You Get From Our Work Together

Revenuebuiler workshops, strategic plan and implementation

Brad's breadth of understanding and his mastery of numerous sales methodologies make him an invaluable asset, the consummate professional. Vastly experienced, innovative, analytical and all importantly— the guy that can be relied on to deliver the results come month-end.

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