Sales Agents and Reseller Strategy

  • Sales Partner Analysis
  • Contact Outreach
  • Commission Planning
  • Contracts
  • Program Structure

If you’re aiming to increase your coverage of new sales territories and markets, the best strategy for your business may be to engage quality sales channel partners.

Less Risk Than New Sales Hires?

Recruiting more in-house sales staff can be extremely expensive for a small business and there’s always a high risk of new hires not working out. Sales reps are known for their ability to sell themselves well in the interview, while often failing to deliver once they’re in the job.

Sales agents and resellers are self-motivated as they only generate income when they close a deal. Plus they take on the risk themselves, putting you in a position to acquire more customers, without the day to day headaches.

I work with you to strategically plan out what options are going to suit you best. In some cases I find that my clients can easily establish agent partnerships that simply add to their existing sales team, while others use a combined in-house / reseller / agent approach. I help you cost out the options, forecast revenue, and get a clear line of sight on how any sales partner strategy might affect other parts of your business.

Purple Reseller VAR Distributor Sales Agent

Agents vs. Resellers vs. Distributors

Individual sales agents are solo operators who sell your product or service on a commission-only basis. You pay them when a certain milestone or sales volume is achieved, and they cover their own costs. Alternatively, resellers and distributors are established businesses who give you immediate access to an existing customer base. They tend to buy a limited amount of inventory from you at a wholesale price, then resell it with their margin on top. More sophisticated value-added resellers and distributors have good marketing and customer service already set up, so contracts with this group are more highly structured with clear expectations on both sides. I help you choose the best option.

Six Sales Channel Problems I Help You Solve


How to use sales partners to expand into new markets and gain more territory coverage?


What kind of sales partners are suited to your business and how will they represent you?


What program structure and commercial terms will get you the result you need?


How will you establish contact with only the most qualified and reliable partners?


How far should you go in providing training, service and marketing support?


How will you define channel partner roles, responsibilities and performance expectations?


The 4 Things You Get From Our Work Together

Reseller Strategy - What You Get Image

Brad took a very intelligent approach to our whole project. It was all about understanding our business, our clients and our competitors. He helped us identify the most important aspects of our sales and online strategy and worked incredibly hard to deliver the project on time and on budget.

Haissam Aoun, Managing Director, Marketing Pulse
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